Best Hotels to Stay in Istanbul

  • 17/03/2021

Turkey is one of the most attractive countries to visit, regardless if you are planning a summer or winter trip. Beautiful Turkey is situated on two continents, and both the European and Asian parts of it have great locations to offer.

The region is culturally and historically rich, and the good value for money has turned the country into a great traveling destination for people of all kinds. According to recent reports, Turkey is visited by over 35,000,000 tourists yearly.


Istanbul is one of the most desired tourist destinations in Turkey due to its beautiful scenery, rich history, and the fact that it is the largest city in Turkey – home to about 20% of Turkey’s population. If you are planning to visit Istanbul, then you might want to start planning your accommodation early since finding a good hotel there can be difficult unless you have made the necessary arrangements months in advance. In this post, we have information about the best hotels to stay in Istanbul.



The Çırağan Palace Kempinski is situated on the Bosphorus channel, and it is situated inside an ex-Ottoman Palace that has been converted to fit the needs of a five-star hotel. Tourists who opt to stay at the Çırağan Palace Kempinski will have access to a luxurious spa, excellent suites, amazing pool(s), and a great variety of restaurants.



The Azade Hotel is situated in the Old Town part of Istanbul, and it offers one of the most spectacular rooftop restaurants that visitors of Istanbul can find. The rooftop restaurant is guaranteed to provide visitors with great views, especially towards the Blue Mosque, which is just a few minutes away from the hotel.



If you are the party person, you may want to book a few days at Marmara Taksim, a beautiful hotel located near Taksim Square and Istiklal Street. The area is full of restaurants, clubs, bars, museums, shops, and galleries that are worth a visit.



The Ottoman Imperial is next to the Hagia Sophia and is a short walking distance from the tram. This makes transportation from there very easy and will allow visitors to travel to other parts of Istanbul quickly. The hotel offers great value for money, and you can rest assured that the quality of the service has not been sacrificed despite the lower prices.



The Sari Konak is found in the Old Town of Istanbul, and it is very close to some of the most important tourist attractions in the city. It offers amazing suites and rooms, and visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the warm and beautiful interior of the building.



The Four Seasons might be the crown jewel when it comes to hotels in Istanbul. Spending a few nights, there will not be cheap, but this is undoubtedly one of the most impressive, beautiful, and luxurious hotels available in Istanbul.



Many of the hotels on the list are found in refurbished palaces and buildings with a rich history, but the Swissotel Istanbul is not one of them. It is part of a major hotel chain, and it is situated inside a newly built and luxurious building that offers great comfort if you are ready to pay the hefty price.



Boutique hotels are small in size, and Corinne is no exception. If you want to spend time there, then make sure to book your room months in advance – we assure you that you will not be disappointed with your visit. It is near the party center of Istanbul, Istiklal Street, and it features a beautiful interior design.



The Sirkeci Mansion is a spacious and luxurious hotel found in one of Istanbul’s most charming neighborhoods. It is near the tram station, and there are countless great restaurants in the vicinity. Visitors of Sirkeci Mansion will also be within walking distance of the beautiful Tulane Park.



The Witt is a great hotel if you are not a big fan of eating outside – every room is equipped with a small kitchen corner with all necessary appliances to allow you to cook a home meal while on vacation. Of course, the hotel is also a beautiful place to stay, and it is very close to the tram that allows you to transport yourself to other parts of Istanbul swiftly.

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