Best Airlines to Travel with Family

  • 17/03/2021

Planning a trip with your family can be a complicated task, especially if you opt to travel by plane....

Different airlines offer different terms and conditions, and it is important to select the offer that provides you with all the things you need. We have compiled a list of the best airlines to travel with your family, regardless if you plan a domestic or overseas flight. The top-ranking airlines are naturally those who offer a decent service without asking their clients for too much money, keep on reading to find out who they are!



JetBlue’s seat size and comfort are impressive, considering the reasonable ticket prices. But JetBlue’s services also excel in other areas – their clients get access to in-flight Wi-Fi, a free snack basket, free entertainment, and a very generous frequent-flyer program that can be even more efficient if your entire family opts to use this airline. The only issue with JetBlue is that they may not always be available for flights – they currently service flights to the East Coast, and a small part of the Western part of the United States primarily. If your final destination is reachable through JetBlue’s air fleet, then this is hands-down the best choice.



Southwest is very similar to JetBlue in terms of the conditions and prices they offer, but they have one big advantage – their planes cover a much larger region, so you will not have to worry about reaching your destination. Free bag checking, priority boarding for families with small kids, and a companion pass program. One of the setbacks that may lure people away from Southwest concerns their frequent flyer program – you have to reserve your frequent flyer no later than six months in advance. Planning a vacation six months away may not be an achievable task for many people, especially if they plan on bringing the whole family.



The Hawaiian Airlines have a huge route network, and their clients are able to enjoy seating size that is well-above average, therefore guaranteeing their comfort during long flights. The company also offers family-friendly boarding, in-flight Wi-Fi, and in-flight entertainment for free. Families are also able to reserve seats together without having to pay extra fees, so that’s another perk of using Hawaiian airlines’ services.



Just like Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines also provide their customers with family-friendly seating and boarding options, free of charge. Their seats are also above average in terms of size, so you can rest assured that your family will have a comfortable trip. The snacks are free and include kid-friendly options. The only setback with Alaska Airlines appears to be the lack of inflight audio and video entertainment – something that may prove to be a major issue when traveling with kids.



The name of Delta Airlines was involved in some controversy in 2019, but they are still one of the best choices when it comes to family-friendly and affordable flights, regardless if you plan on traveling to a domestic location or abroad. Delta’s route network is the biggest of all airlines listed so far, and their customers are able to enjoy free in-flight entertainment, free cookies, and standard seat sizes. One of the issues that clients of Delta may face is the fees involved for above-average luggage or cancellation fees. Monetizing the rewards-seat program may also turn out to be an issue if you want to do it during the peak vacation season.



United is a fine choice, and there is not really much to say about them – they offer just about all perks you’d expect to see from a family-friendly airline. Their family customers make use of early family boarding, free family seating, kid-friendly snacks, and in-flight entertainment that is free to use. They are a safe bet in case any of the better ranking airlines above are unavailable to you.



One of the lowest ranking entries is American Airlines – their management appears to have no idea how to meet the needs of traveling families, and you may end up having a problematic trip if you opt to go for American Airlines with your family. Seat entertainment has been removed from American Airlines, and their family early boarding practices are inconsistent, to say the least. Seat selection is also not free, so it will cost you extra to put your family together on the plane.

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