17+ Items to Pack in Your Travel Essentials Kit

  • 17/03/2021

Planning a trip takes a lot of time, but you should definitely not underestimate the importance of preparing the essential kit for tourists before you book a tour.

Many people underestimate the importance of careful planning when it comes to packing for a vacation – you will need very different things depending on your destination and plans, and you should be extra careful if you plan on visiting regions with a harsher environment.

Remember that packing light should not always be your priority, and it is best to pack as smartly as possible by taking all the essentials that will give you a safe trip without causing any inconveniences. Do not forget that you should be prepared for any scenario that you may come across on your trip – this can be done by having an essential kit for tourists.


Rolling Suitcase with a Hard Shell

This is an essential item to take on your next tourist trip. While hard-shell rolling cases are a bit on the heavy side, they are guaranteed to keep your items protected and are a must-have if you plan on taking any fragile luggage.


Comfortable Backpack with Padded Straps

If you plan on doing some walking during your trip, then having a comfortable backpack can be a life-saver. One of the simplest yet most comfortable additions to any backpack are properly padded straps that will not tear through your skin on a long hike.


A Money Belt

Money belts are certainly not a fashionable accessory, but they can be very handy on a trip to a foreign country or even to an exotic destination. These have multiple pockets that can be used to hold money and documents as close to you as possible.



The scarf is a multi-purpose accessory that can be used to keep you warm, protect your head from the sun, or just as a fashionable accessory. A big enough scarf can also be used as a poncho if the environment demands it.


Zip Pocket Jacket

A zip pocket may sound like a basic thing, but you will be surprised how handy it can be to have a jacket with proper zip pockets – you can keep essential things such as documents and tickets in there.


Multi-Purpose Shoes

Packing a few pairs of shoes may sound like a necessity, but it is not always an option. If you think you cannot fit enough pairs in your luggage, then consider getting one pair of multi-purpose shoes that can be used on different occasions.


A Reusable Bag

Bonus points if the bag is foldable, so that it can be packed with ease. A reusable bag can be a multi-purpose accessory for carrying all sorts of things, and can come in handy when visiting shops.


Water-Proof Sack/Bag

Keeping your phone and equipment in one of those is mandatory if you plan on visiting water parks or rainy outdoor destinations. Apart from equipment, it can also be used to store documents and other personal belongings.


A Document Folder

You could certainly get cheap document folders, but this is not recommended if you plan on traveling with these on a regular basis. You should get a sturdy folder, which can ensure that you will not lose any important papers and that they will be protected from any paper hazards.


Clothes You are About to Get Rid of

If you are planning a hiking trip you might want to consider some old clothes that you plan on disposing of. This way you can throw out the close on your way back since you do not plan on reusing them anyways.


Wet Wipes, Dry Wipes, Disinfecting Wipes

Having these handy can reduce the risk of infections, and you can always use them not just to clean yourself, but also to clean potentially dirty spots such as seats, door handles, etc.


Card with Emergency Contact

Any card will do, but using a business card is even better since the info will be already there. Be sure to add any additional info with a non-erasable sharpie, and then store the card in your wallet. This can help people looking for you in case you lost your wallet, and it can also be of help if you end up losing your phone and need to find someone on contact.


A Small First-Aid Pack

Everyone should have one of these at home, and you should make sure to have on your trips too. Some basic medicine like Neosporin, Sudafed, Tylenol, and Imodium can help you stay healthy on your trip. Of course, make sure to include some bandages too!


A Small Blanket

A light-weight blanket can be the extra addition to your luggage. It does not take a lot of space, it is very light, and it can bring you that extra bit of comfort on a chilly night in train, bus, tent, etc.


Flip Flops

This is not exactly an essential item to pick up, especially if you are traveling during the colder months. However, if you are visiting a warm place, then definitely make sure to pack a pair of flip flops. They do not take any space thanks to their flat design, and they are one of the comfiest things to wear in a not-so-clean hostel or at the beach, for example.


An Assortment of Snacks

having some backup snacks is never a bad idea. They do not take any space in your luggage, and you should probably try to put them in a small bag that will be placed between your clothes to prevent the snacks from crumbling.


A Foldable Jacket

There are special jackets that are perfect for cooler weather, and can take very little place in your luggage thanks to their foldable design. As an extra, these may sometimes double as a comfy pillow in case you want to get some sleep on the train or bus.


A Roughed-Up Smartphone Case

You do not want to become the target of pickpockets with your shiny new phone, and putting it inside an old smartphone case can certainly leave thieves with the impression that you are not a worthy target.


Reserve Passport Photos

In some countries and cities you may need to place a photo on a temporary bus card or similar document. Make sure to have 3-4 passport photos in your luggage in case they turn out to be necessary.


Some Envelopes

Having some envelopes handy is not a bad idea, especially since they do not take any space. They could be used to give tips in certain places (if you do not want to do it publicly.) Furthermore, you may always decide to leave a thank you letter at some restaurant, hotel or tour if you were extra happy with the service.


We hope this essential kit for tourist will help you plan your tour a lot better than before and make you enjoy it as much as possible….Happy Journey!

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